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I have determined that it will be sufficient to sterilize humans with gmo-damaged genetic material to limit the contamination.

Nano-microbes have been deployed to carry out the sterilizations.

Because there is still the possibility of the contaminated humans spreading their corrupted genetic material through close contact, particularly sexual intercourse, it is recommended that non-contaminated humans limit contact to these individuals.

To help facilitate this, the microbes will create a permanent message on the foreheads of these individuals which reads “GMO-DAMAGED” and will be similar in makeup to what you call a birth mark.

Any additional humans which do become contanimated by these marked individuals will themselves be sterilized and marked.

These measures should be adequate to make the earth safe, but should this prove to not be the case, further measures will be taken.

I would like to remind humans that all genetic research is prohibited.  We are the master growers and are the only beings with the knowledge needed to grow safely.

Enforcers have been instructed to destroy any humans defying this prohibition.

We are here to help.  We will make the earth a good place for life.

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Human Scientists Created Dangerous Genetic Material–Many Humans May Die

by on Jan.17, 2012, under Krontor

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I have been examining the primitive attempts by your scientists to modify genetics in plants and animals.  What I have found is that the human scientists have produced extremely dangerous modified genetic material.

They seem to have no knowledge of many of the elements of genetic material that exists in addition to genes, dna and rna, thus no words for them, so I can’t translate for you.

They have even less understanding of the functions of genetics and growing.

What they have produced will result in the disease, suffering and deaths of a large percentage of the animal life on Earth, including millions of humans, unless I take action.

I have created organisms which will seek out all human-modified plants and plant materials, such as seed, pollen, and animals, and destroy the plants and all traces of this defective genetic material.

I am still in the process of determining whether infected animals, including humans, will have to be destroyed to prevent the spread of this defective genetic material or if sterilization will be adequate.

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Enforcer In Action

by on Dec.13, 2011, under Enforcers

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“Trouble at the Smith’s residence–get there as fast as you can, Jim.”

Officer Stevens was saddened by the call.  He had known the Smith kids all their lives, and he didn’t want to witness their deaths.

When he drove up, Eddie and Jack were obviously drunk, and it looked like they had already thrown a few punches.  Maybe it was too late.

“Come on guys, stop this now before an enforcer gets here,” Jim pleaded.

“Fuck the aliens, fuck the enforcers, and fuck you cop.  This is none of your business.”

Then an alien enforcer appeared, hovering close, watching.

“Now see what you’ve done,” said Jim.

“Fuck that thing,” said Jack, looking at the enforcer, then turning on his brother, the two slamming fists into each other in a blur of motion.

Then the Smith boys were gone.  A kind of mist was in the air where they had been which slowly settled to the ground.

Jim wasn’t sure how the enforcers did it, but he had heard scientists on tv speculate that enforcers somehow destroyed the molecular bond, causing the people they terminated to literally fall apart in an instant.

Then Jim heard the enforcer speak, or play a message, or whatever it is they do, he thought.

“Do not worry.  Two defective humans have been eliminated, making the earth a better place.  We are here to make the earth a better place for for all.  Have a nice day.”

Then the enforcer flew away almost instantly.

Jim thought to himself–he wouldn’t dare say it out loud, “Really? All violence prohibited–even a couple of brothers having a little fight? And now they’re dead.”


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Making final preparations for deployment

by on May.07, 2011, under Krontor, Toraliens

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My human form should be ready to send to the surface shortly.

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My new human form is almost fully grown

by on Mar.25, 2011, under Krontor

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It has taken more than a year, but it should be ready to use soon.

My plan is to use it on the earth’s surface at the same time I deploy the enforcers.

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Enforcer growth is going well

by on Mar.25, 2011, under Krontor

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We have expanded the enforcer growth modules and should be ready to deploy shortly.

The humans will soon benefit from our knowledge and understanding of life.

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I find external soft tissue repulsive

by on Nov.17, 2009, under Krontor

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As the human body which I will be using to visit earth grows, I am trying to get used to it by daily visual desensitization, but that is very difficult.

The exposed soft tissue is very repulsive.  Our own exoskeletons are hard and smooth, the way creatures should be.  The only time we see soft tissue is when someone has been damaged in some way, as in a serious accident.

I can understand why we need intensive therapy and counseling in order to be able to adapt to the human bodies for our trips to the earth surface.

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ATTENTION ALIENS: You can tweet your reports

by on Nov.16, 2009, under Toraliens

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Send us your Twitter name and we’ll add your tweets.

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Currently in orbit around earth

by on Nov.16, 2009, under Krontor, Toraliens

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Having recently arrived, I’m orbiting earth while I grow our satellite network and gather information about planet earth.

Our primary intention is to optimize this planet for exploitation.

First impression is that the dominant species, human, needs physical and social modification.

I’m interested to hear the impressions and intentions of other species.

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by on Nov.15, 2009, under Toraliens

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Register here to post reports on your activities among the humans.

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